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Use code at checkout. After a while he rose, closed and bolted the door, shifted the money into a drawer, took out some cigarette papers, rolled one up, stuffed it with cotton wool, and began to smoke.

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He spent nearly two hours over his grammar and writing books without understanding a word of what he saw before him; then he rose and began to stamp up and down the room, trying to recollect all that his father had said to him. You ought to get a good thrashing! I know you will. You are sure to become a cheat, if you go on like that.

I wanted to go to the theatre, and having no money borrowed some from Petia Grouchetsky. Was that so very wicked of me? Another father would have been sorry for me; would have asked how it all happened; whereas he just called me names. He never thinks of anything but himself. When it is he who has not got something he wants—that is a different matter! Then all the house is upset by his shouts. And I—I am a scoundrel, a cheat, he says. It may be wrong, but I hate him. There was a knock at the door.

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The servant brought a letter—a message from his friend. That is not the way an honest man ought to behave. Will you please send the amount by my messenger? I am myself in a frightful fix. Can you not get the money somewhere? Such a pig! Could he not wait a while? I will have another try.

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Mitia went to his mother. This was his last hope. His mother was very kind, and hardly ever refused him anything. She would probably have helped him this time also out of his trouble, but she was in great anxiety: her younger child, Petia, a boy of two, had fallen ill. She got angry with Mitia for rushing so noisily into the nursery, and refused him almost without listening to what he had to say.

Mitia muttered something to himself and turned to go.

The mother felt sorry for him. I am going to see a friend. That is all I have got to say. Mitia went to his room, took the coupon and the watch from the drawer, put on his coat, and went to Mahin. MAHIN was his schoolfellow, his senior, a grown-up young man with a moustache.

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He gambled, had a large feminine acquaintance, and always had ready cash. He lived with his aunt. Mitia quite realised that Mahin was not a respectable fellow, but when he was in his company he could not help doing what he wished. Mahin was in when Mitia called, and was just preparing to go to the theatre. His untidy room smelt of scented soap and eau-de-Cologne. But we might do something far better. I have cashed one in the same way.

As you called me that, I might as well be it. Mahin looked at him, smiling with perfect ease. I just happen to want a frame—for this young person here. THE two boys, having rung the door-bell, entered the empty shop, which had shelves along the walls and photographic appliances on them, together with show-cases on the counters.

A plain woman, with a kind face, came through the inner door and asked from behind the counter what they required.


He banged the door and went to his study. Amen throughout, these are neat and informative and short which I like but the videos are poor quality the way they were resized causes rough edges on whatever is on the screen — e. By 5 Get 2 Free! Click here for more They are not opposed to medication, but think it's smart to start with lifestyle and natural treatments first. In this national public television program, psychiatrist Daniel Amen and his wife nurse Tana Amen take a completely new look at ADD and explain seven unique types based on the extensive brain imaging work of the Amen Clinics on tens of thousands of ADD patients.

There is rather a pretty one, of quite a new style; one rouble and twenty kopeks. But could not you make it cheaper? Let us say one rouble. But please be quick. We must be off to the theatre, and it is getting late. But what are you afraid of? She made a calculation on the counter, opened the desk, took out a ten-roubles note, looked for change and added to the sum six twenty-kopeks coins and two five-kopek pieces.

Mitia only breathed freely when the door bell rang behind them, and they were again in the street. I will give it back to you.

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Mahin went off to the theatre, and Mitia called on Grouchetsky to repay the money he had borrowed from him. AN hour after the boys were gone Eugene Mihailovich, the owner of the shop, came home, and began to count his receipts. Idiot that you are! One of them was quite a handsome boy, and looked so comme il faut.

When I accept coupons, I see what is written on them. Blaming everybody around you. But when it is you who lose fifty-four roubles at cards—that is of no consequence in your eyes. There she began to remind herself that her family was opposed to her marriage, thinking her present husband far below her in social rank, and that it was she who insisted on marrying him. Then she went on thinking of the child she had lost, and how indifferent her husband had been to their loss. She hated him so intensely at that moment that she wished for his death. Her wish frightened her, however, and she hurriedly began to dress and left the house.

When her husband came from the shop to the inner rooms of their flat she was gone. Without waiting for him she had dressed and gone off to friends—a teacher of French in the school, a Russified Pole, and his wife—who had invited her and her husband to a party in their house that evening. THE guests at the party had tea and cakes offered to them, and sat down after that to play whist at a number of card-tables.

The best cards were continually in her hands. At her side she had a plate with grapes and a pear and was in the best of spirits. Why is he so late? And Eugene Mihailovich related with great indignation to the company present—his wife adding more details to his narrative—how his wife had been cheated by two unscrupulous schoolboys.

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He hoped in this way to earn another eight roubles, and with the twenty-five roubles thus amassed he intended to buy a good strong horse, which he would want in the spring for work in the fields and for driving on the roads, as his old horse was almost played out. That unfortunate day Ivan Mironov drove out very early with half a cartload, which he soon sold. He loaded up again with another cartload which he hoped to sell, but he looked in vain for a customer; no one would buy it.

It was his bad luck all that day to come across experienced towns-people, who knew all the tricks of the peasants in selling firewood, and would not believe that he had actually brought the wood from the country as he assured them. He got hungry, and felt cold in his ragged woollen coat. So Ivan Mironov was quite ready to sell his firewood at a loss when he met Eugene Mihailovich, who was on his way home from the tobacconist. I will give it to you cheap. This firewood is from our place.

By Leo Tolstoy

Good dry wood, I can assure you. Ivan Mironov began by asking a high price, but reduced it once, and finished by selling the cartload for just what it had cost him.

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Eugene Mihailovich did not bargain very much.